10PCS MKS CD 57/86 Stepper Motor Driver Current Expansion Board For 3D Printer

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10PCS MKS CD 57/86 Stepper Motor Driver Current Expansion Board For 3D Printer is available to buy in increments of 1
10PCS MKS CD 57/86 Stepper Motor Driver Current Expansion Board For 3D Printer
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Perfect match with: (package does includes)

Motor driver with 4.5A: MKS TB6600
3D printer motherboard: MKS-Gen


In current 42 motor-driver of 3D printer on the market is that the direct primary IC connect to motor driver IC, the current consumed by each interface will not exceed 2MA.
The MKS Gen motherboard that we design has signal port, which can output the signal from motor driver. We suggest using 4988, 8825 etc. motor driver.
Generally, what 57/86 stepper driver inputs, is the optical coupling isolation, mainly to  prevent from interference. Each motor driver has 3 inputs. EN enable port controls motor switch.
PUL pulse port controls the movement of the motor position or speed, DIR direction interface controls movement direction of the motor.
The driver current of general optical coupling interfaces is around 10MA, one  driver actuates one motor.
One driver consumes most of 30MA control current,  after X, Y, Z, E  connect to four general 57/86 motor driver that will need 100MA current at work .
It is easy to burn the 3Dprinter IC control board if build connection directly but for not  enlarge current.


MKS CD expansion board can adjust the flow control signal, to avoid motor drive with optical isolation generate press on main IC, therefore, Ramps1.4, MKS Gen and other main board with five large motor drive can  operate  completely without pressure.

Insert MKS CD directly into the driver slot, leads the control signal from the above white card port. Please note the direction of the socket.

Package includes:

10 x MKS CD 57/86 Stepper Motor Driver
10 x Cable

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