300*300mm Reuse Flexible Magnetic Platform Heated Bed Sticker

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300*300mm Reuse Flexible Magnetic Platform Heated Bed Sticker
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300*300mm Reuse Flexible Magnetic Platform Heated Bed Sticker



The product is divided into two parts: the form of A+B
Part A: the top is frosted surface (similar to other stickers), and the back is magnetized (with the positive part of the B part to attract each other).
Part B: the upper part is magnetic (with A part below adsorption), the back is 3M back glue (attached to the printer platform, play a fixed role).
300LSE back glue, replacement almost no residue


1. Use again and again. More money.
2. Separation type bending to take the model. It's more convenient.
3. Do not need the beauty of paper and scraper to assist the model.
4. Can be installed on a hot bed and a glass platform.
5. Print not warped edge. No glue is needed.
6. Can be printed on cold bed.
7.The  A plate is flexible and magnetic,  it is easy to move away from build platform and take away printed models
8. Because it is magnetic, the temperature (recommended from 50 to 80 degrees centigrade) should not exceed 80 degrees. so It is not suitable for ABS . if set heated beyond 80 degree,it will lose magnetism.
9. The A B plates are flatness 

Pay Attation: 
* Please level the build plate well before printing.
* Please do not let heated nozzle touch the A plate directly !
* Please take down the model when the hot bed is still remaining warm. or you may destroy A surface. 

Packaging Included: 

1 set magnetic platform sticker

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