3D Printing Pen Crafting Drawing Modeling Art LED Printer Tool

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3D Printing Pen Crafting Drawing Modeling Art LED Printer Tool
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Pen Weight: 70g
Pen Size: 18.4 x 2 x 1.8cm
Pen color options: Black, Green, Blue, Pink, Gold (Optional)
Plug: AU, US, EU (Optional)
Printing Speed: 2mm-40mm/S
Material required: 1.75mm ABS filaments / 1.75mm HIPS filament
Material output size: 0.7mm
Material color options: over 31 colors
Power supply: 12V, 2000mA
Output: 80W
Temperature: 230°C (446°F)
Box Size: 22 x 15 x 7cm
Carton Size: 32.5*24*39cm (10boxes inside)
Certification: CE, FCC
G.W: 0.7kg


Please look carefully the instruction, different filament should use different temperature, otherwise it will easy to block the nozzle.
Instruction: Click to open.


This device can be used in children over 6 years old,when used under adult supervision.
Work on this equipment,the print head temperature is high ,the prohibition of direct touch,cleaning the printer head with special cleaning tools.
The power required the company to provide the special power supply.
Long time when not in use,should pull out the power,avoid long time heating of the ABS adhesive strip produce carbonization,so that the plug the print head.

Package includes:

1 x 3D Printing Pen
1 x Adapter
1 x Manual
1 x Pen Holder
1 x Filament

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