3D Solex Matchless Nozzle kit Grand 11

3D Solex Matchless Nozzle kit Grand 11

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  • 3D Solex Matchless Nozzle kit Grand 11
3D Solex Matchless Nozzle kit Grand 11
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Upgrade kit for Ultimaker
Matchless RACE nozzles except marked as standard (std): 0.25 std- 0.40-0.60-0.80-1.0-1.5-2.0mm,+ legacy (std) 025-040-060-080



Whatˋs this?
- This upgrade significantly decreases printing time. If you can live with a lower resolution in some prints, you can save 75% printing time (4x increase in plastic output), A 16h print (UM2) finishes in 4h (Matchless Upgrade, 1.0mm + RACE nozzle compared to 0.40mm. Needs 35W heater (standard in UM2+).
- 0.40mm Matchless RACE nozzle with BLOCK V3 and 35W will half time or better, 16h print finishes in 8h or faster.
* settings: 0.40 nozzle x 0.3 layer x 150mm/sec = 18 cubic
- 1.0mm Matchless RACE nozzle
* settings: 1.0 x 0.5 x 60 = 30 cubic/sec

These are minimum results if your UM2+ is correctly configured. You will be able to find your own settings/favourite relation of speed,layer, nozzle and increase from here!

Matchless Nozzles available:
0.10mm - 2.0mm. (worldˋs smallest and largest?)

Hardware needed:
- Totally re-engineered heater block, BLOCK V3 
- Re-invented MATCHLESS RACE Nozzles (patents pending)
- 35W heater (standard w/UM2+)
- A UM2/+, of course
- Designed by "Swordriff" and manufactured at an ISO 9001 corp. in Norway


How does it work:
- 40% more contact area between heater block and nozzle! 
* significantly more threading
* conical contact area between block and nozzle
* every possible engineering design feature considered
* We have reached the limit of the UM2+ CPU. With for instance the BondtechQR - feeder you will print so fast that it starts making square circles. 
The CPU itself cannot issue commands fast enough!
* all-in-all 20 improvements.

All support issues directly to www.3dsolex.com

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