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  1. Raise3D Pro2 Plus
    Excl. Tax: $5,686.86 Incl. Tax: $7,108.58

    The new Pro2 series from Raise3D takes 3D-Printing to a new dimension!

    Print big and fast with superior quality.

    • Dual Extruder: Electronic driven lifting of the extruder not in use = less problems and improved performance
    • Massive Build Volume
    • 0.01 mm print resolution
    • Filament Sensors – Detects when you run out of filament
    • Resume Print after Power Loss
    • Built in Web Camera for monitoring
    • Easily removed build plate
    • Air filter
    • Compatible with a wide range of filament, up to 300° C temperature
    • 7” Touch Screen with user friendly interface
    • Wireless combability
    Learn More
  2. Flashforge - New Finder
    Excl. Tax: $384.64 Incl. Tax: $480.80

    Flashforge Finder – Secure, easy to use entry-level 3D printer

    Discover the new generation of easy-to-use 3D printers. Flashforge gives you a unique 3D printing experience. The Flashforge Finder is one of the easiest 3D printers you can buy today. It comes fully assembled and functional. You can easily start and control your 3D printing with its built-in 3.5-inch touch screen. The Flashforge Finder also has a USB port, Wifi, and other smart features. This device gives you a superior user experience that other 3D printers can't provide. This makes the 3D printer ideal for beginners, students and teachers.

    Key product features:

    • Fully assembled and ready to use
    • Plug&play 3D printer
    • Easy setup of the building platform
    • Intuitive operation via touch screen
    • Wifi connection
    • Innovative filament management
    • Safe and silent operation
    • Intelligent supported levelling system – Accurate and convenient calibration

    Intuitive calibration thanks to Intelligent Assisted Leveling System

    The Flashforge Finder has an intuitive calibration system that makes it easy to select the right settings. The system prompts you to tighten or loosen the leveling screws until you hear a beep. The system detects the distance between the nozzle and the build platform to verify that the setting is correct. Once the first adjustment has been made, you will be directed to the next two locations with the same operation. During this process, you are well informed with clear messages on the touch screen. All these features make calibration much easier and more accurate than before.

    As easy to use as your smartphone

    Simply control this 3D printer with its integrated 3.5-inch HD-IPS touchscreen with easy-to-read, self-explanatory controls. It only takes 4 clicks to start your 3D printing process. And you don't even have to connect the Flashforge Finder to your computer! Just preview your files and check the part you want to 3D print. The real-time view of the status of your 3D printing shows you when the 3D printing is finished. The device's multi-language capabilities include English, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Korean and Japanese.  A high user-friendliness and good intelligibility are thus guaranteed.

    Next generation wireless connection – more stable connection.

    The Finder gives you next-generation Wi-Fi connectivity with more stable wireless file transfer. You can now transmit your 3D files directly from your computer to your Flashforge Finder. 4GB of internal storage allows you to transfer data in AP or STA mode over your internal Wi-Fi network. The USB flash drive is another reliable way to transfer files. No USB cable means no interruption or interruption, even if your computer goes into standby mode.

    Retractable construction platform – simply remove your 3D printing.

    The insertable and removable build platform makes it easy to remove your 3D prints. Now you can easily detach and remove your finished 3D prints. At the same time, the damage to the building platform can be minimized.

    Safe and quiet to use.

    The Finder has a very stylish design with hidden cables inside the plastic frame. All hot components are kept away from contact at all times. Work with non-toxic PLA filaments - make 3D printing easy and entertaining. The maximum noise level is 50 dB or less. All this makes it a 3D printer suitable for children of all ages as well as individual 3D printer users.

    FlashPrint presentation – simplicity and functionality combined.

    With an easy-to-understand interface and numerous preset building quality parameters, FlashPrint makes it easy to get started in the great world of 3D printing. The software offers smart support, 2D image import into 3D models, slicing, etc. The slicing software offers you a variety of functional possibilities.

    If you want a safe, easy to use entry-level 3D printer, you should buy the Flashforge Finder.

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  3. Creality Ender-3 Pro - 220*220*250 mm

    Regular Price: $458.99

    Special Price Excl. Tax: $318.24 Incl. Tax: $397.80

    Creality Ender-3 Pro - 220*220*250 mm Learn More
  4. Creality CR-X
    Excl. Tax: $754.29 Incl. Tax: $942.86

    3D print with the Creality CR-X two filaments, two colors or two different materials – ideal for additive manufacturing of large components

    With the Creality CR-X you can 3D print two filaments, two colors or two different materials. The two filaments are stored on two spools and fed through a dual-extruder to the single nozzle. There they mix or extrude separately from each other – the choice is yours. The CR-X 3D printer's design and features make it ideal for additive manufacturing of complex components with two-color or water-soluble support structures. The assembly time takes about 15 minutes.

    The most important novelties of the Creality CR-X:

    • Additive manufacture with two filaments or support materials of different colors and material properties
    • Two filaments, two extruders and one nozzle
    • Very large installation space of 300 x 300 x 400 mm
    • Integrated construction: Most of the electronics are built into the housing of the Creality CR-X
    • Innovative Carboloy Silicone Building Platform
    • Large 4.3-inch color touch screen

    3D print with two filaments or support materials colorful and complex components

    Use the Creality CR-X with two filaments and support materials to additively manufacture colorful and complex components. This 3D printer allows you to 3D print on a surface of 30 x 30 x 40 even large components. The innovative hotend enables you to create two-color 3D prints. The two extruders feed either the right or the left filament to the nozzle as required. Between a material change, they extrude residues onto a material block.

    Simple operation of the Creality CR-X 3D printer with touch screen

    Control and operate your Creality CR-X 3D printer very easily, comfortably and precisely via its built-in touch-screen. Read all necessary information about your device in real time and optimize your additive manufacturing process.

    Setting the building platform over five areas enables smooth levelling

    The easy to use levelling screws allow you to quickly and easily level and optimally adjust the Creality CR-X construction platform. The touch screen always gives you an overview of the optimum entries for levelling. It guides you through the individual adjustment steps.

    Removable glass plate with silicone plastic coating reduces warping and allows easy removal of your 3D printed objects

    The removable glass plate with silicone plastic coating ensures that your components adhere well to the building platform during 3D printing. After your 3D printing process is complete, the objects can be removed very conveniently and easily by cooling the glass plate – without any annoying scratching.

    Further improvements of the Creality CR-X 3D printer:

    • Enlarged power supply of the Creality CR-X allows the heating bed to warm up to 100 ° C in 6 minutes
    • Large and easy to use adjustment screws for the construction platform
    • Only one connecting cable between the control unit and the frame of the 3D printer
    • Two fans guarantee improved, faster and more efficient cooling
    • Process water-soluble filament – Use the second nozzle to use water-soluble support material; it dissolves easily in water, allowing you to create more beautiful surfaces in 3D
    • All-metal extruder with optimized strength, longer life and flexible adjustment for smarter 3D printing experience
    • Two Z-spindles ensure smoother and more even running
    • 3D prints resume after power outages for more reliable 3D prints and less wasted filament
    • Creality3D motherboard version 2.1: Complete upgrade, quality control, industrial quality, 200 hours of uninterruptible 3D printing


    Buy the Creality CR-X and 3D print with two filaments, two colors, or two different materials. This 3D printer is ideal for additive manufacturing of large and complex parts.


    Learn More
  5. Creality LD-001 – DLP 3D printer
    Excl. Tax: $547.28 Incl. Tax: $684.10

    Creality LD-001 – DLP 3D printer Learn More
  6. Zortrax M300 Plus
    Excl. Tax: $4,288.59 Incl. Tax: $5,360.74

    Out of stock

    A Wi-Fi 3D printer with one of the biggest build volumes among Plug & Play devices.

    Device features:

    • Large build volume (300x300x300 mm)
    • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
    • 3D printing farms ready
    • Advanced remote management
    • Filament endstop mechanism
    • Built-in camera
    • Intuitive LCD touchscreen
    • Improved axes geometry
    • Upgraded extruder
    • Upgraded cooling system (double fan and extruder cooling)
    • Redesigned hotend (V3)
    • Redesigned nozzle with new geometry
    • Compatible with semi-flexible materials
    • Compatible with Z-ULTRAT
    • Wide range of dedicated filaments
    • External materials are applicable

    Large Volume Desktop 3D Printer with Wi-Fi

    A desktop 3D printer with one of the largest workspaces among Plug & Play devices able to 3D print big models in one go. It works in LPD technology, Zortrax's original take on Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), guaranteeing highest quality results and low maintenance. It can create wireless networks of 3D printers thanks to Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. It’s also equipped with a built-in camera that streams live feed of the 3D printing process via Z-SUITE slicing software, while the material endstop sensor decreases waste and the necessity for operator input. The upgraded extruder, hotend and new nozzle geometry allow Zortrax M300 Plus to 3D print with advanced and flex-type filaments. Side Covers are included.

    Dedicated filaments: Z-HIPS, Z-ULTRAT, Z-PETG, Z-GLASS, Z-ESD, Z-PLA Pro, Z-ASA Pro

    Learn More
  7. CreatBot D600 Pro
    Excl. Tax: $11,091.12 Incl. Tax: $13,863.90

    Out of stock

    Industrial 3D printer CreatBot D600 Pro – 3D print very large and complex parts and objects

    3D print with the CreatBot D600 Pro very large and complex parts and objects. The D600 Pro is an industrial high temperature 3D printer with a very high manufacturing quality and enormously large heated installation space (60x60x60 cm). The all-metal frame always offers you smooth running, precise linear guidance of the extruder and enormous noise reduction. Control the 3D printer comfortably and intuitively via the touch display and rely on reliably good production results thanks to BuildTak adhesives, heated building platform and heated filament drying chamber.

    CreatBot D600 Pro improvements over D600

    • 25 control points check the setting of the building platform and level it automatically
    • Precise linear guide rail for stable and smooth running
    • Power failure protection automatically remembers the last position and continues 3D printing
    • Heated building platform made of glass and BuildTak adhesives
    • Easy control via the 4.3-inch touch screen
    • Construction chamber heated to 70 degrees minimizes warping
    • Filament drying chamber for nylon and other hydrophilic filaments

    More features of the CreatBot D600 Pro:

    • Manufacturing temperature up to 350 °C
    • High precision 3D printing – up to 0.05 mm
    • Stable installation space made of steel guarantees reliable results
    • Very large installation space of 600 x 600 x 600 mm
    • Completely enclosed construction chamber for stable temperatures and noise reduction
    • Perfect for additive production with high-performance thermoplastics

    Extruder temperature up to 350 °C

    CreatBot is among the first to release a 350 °C ultra-high-temperature nozzle for the mass market. Furthermore, CreatBot owns exclusive innovative patents. The high temperature extruder allows you to process a wide range of filaments. The optimized blue cooling fins cool the heat brake reliably and efficiently. This keeps the heat from the hot end away from the extruder unit. You can also fine tune the nozzle height for maximum precession. It is possible to use custom designs for single, double and triple heads.

    CreatBot D600 All Metal Head

    Metal Hotend IconAllmetalhotend, more durable

    350°C Hotend Icon350°Csupport more supplies

    Nozzle Height Adjustable IconNozzle heightadjustable

    Three Nozzle IconDirectHeadDriving

    High 3D printing precision

    The high precision of the 3D prints is made possible by the constant research and development of the extruder feed system. With this system you can achieve high resolutions of up to 0.05 mm. In addition, it enables consistent material extrusion without the dreaded clogging of the nozzle.

    Precision up to: 0.05 mm Production speed up to: 200mm/s

    CreatBot D600 High Precision Sample

    Stability of steel frame

    The all-metal steel frame provides high and continuous stability for 3D printing. In addition, it considerably extends the product life cycle of the 3D printer. The optimization and cooperation of the overall structure ensures sustainable and efficient operation. In the meantime, the first series of CreatBot 3D printers has been working continuously and reliably for more than 5 years and more than 8000 hours.

    CreatBot D600 All Metal Chassis

    Large installation space

    The CreatBot D600 Pro is a true industrial 3D printer. 3D print with it extremely large objects and components of up to 600*600*600 mm. Its installation space is 30 times larger than any other ordinary 3D printer in today's mass market.

    CreatBot D600 – Very large build size: 600*600*600 mm

    CreatBot D600 Large Build Size Printer

    Completely closed construction chamber

    The fully enclosed building chamber keeps all environmental influences away from your 3D prints. This minimizes warping and keeps moisture out. So you can 3D print without worries. Furthermore, the closed design reduces noise and keeps the building temperature constant.

    CreatBot D00 Fully Enclosed Chamber

    Automatic levelling of the building platform – Optimum setting

    Control the CreatBot D600 Pro and automatically level its building platform. Over 25 measuring points, the BL sensor measures the distance between the building platform and the extruder unit. It stores the individual distances at the different points of the platform. Based on this information, this 3D printer automatically compensates for any unevenness.

    CreatBot D600 Auto leveling platform

    Precise linear guide rail

    Thanks to the precise linear rail structure you can 3D print models with a very high accuracy. Finish with 4 to 5 times more accuracy additive than ordinary mass market 3D printers. This rugged industrial design delivers superior smoothness and accurate filament feed. Produce large and complex models perfectly and reliably with the CreatBot D600 Pro 3D printer.

    CreatBot D600 Linear Guide Rail

    Power Failure & Filament Recognition

    The CreatBot D600 Pro 3D printer automatically saves the current position and status of your 3D prints. It lowers the building platform and extends the filament when the machine is suddenly turned off or the power fails. This means you can 3D print many hours of 3D reliably and repeatedly. Gone are the days when you wasted your time, filament and money on aborted 3D prints.

    CreatBot D600 Filament Detection

    Power Outage Restored Video


    Filament Detection Video

    Efficient building platform – Good material adhesion & warping minimized

    The surface of the building platform is coated with BuildTak. Your 3D print adheres reliably to this coating. The build platform conducts and distributes heat evenly and quickly. 3D prints with high thermal efficiency. Choose the setting parameters so that your D600 Plus switches off the heating of the lower layers after a few layers.

    CreatBot D600 Efficient Platform

    Intuitive touch screen operation

    Control this 3D printer from its easy-to-use 4.3" touch screen. One-key command heats the D600 Pro, starts production jobs and moves the extruder head to the home position. In addition, there are many other intelligent setting options waiting for you.

    CreatBot D600 Touch Screen


    CreatBot D600 Hot Air Chamber

    Additional innovative features of the CreatBot D600 Pro

    Compared to its predecessor, the CreatBot D600 Pro has many smart and innovative features.

    Heated installation space – 70 °C Pro minimize warping

    Due to the actively heated installation space, the CreatBot D600 Pro guarantees a constant installation space temperature. Make sure your model doesn't deform during 3D printing – warping is a thing of the past.

    CreatBot D600 Filaments Drying Room

    Dry and heated storage room for your filament

    Store your hydrophilic filament in a dry and heated storage room. This guarantees you a top workmanship of water absorbing materials such as nylon or PC. To minimize water absorption, set the chamber temperature between 45°C and 65°C. Keep your filaments dry!

    High quality filament

    Process the original CreatBot filaments or PrimaCreator's high quality and affordable alternatives.

    3D print these materials on the CreatBot D600 Pro:
    • PLA
    • ABS
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Wood
    • Nylon
    • PC
    • PTEG
    • HIPS
    • PP
    • Flexible
    • TPU
    • PVA and more

    Use cases

    Realize large and complex components with the CreatBot D600 Pro. The following models were commissioned by the cultural heritage organisation. They are 3D-printed on the D600 Pro with a 5 kg PLA roll within 80 hours. All 3D prints come out of the 3D printer as shown and do not need to be reworked.

    CreatBot D600 彩色触摸屏图

    Buy the industrial 3D printer CreatBot D600 Pro and Additive Manufacture very large and complex parts and objects.

    Learn More
  8. Creality CR-10S Pro 300*300*400mm
    Excl. Tax: $576.81 Incl. Tax: $721.01

    Creality CR-10S Pro 300*300*400mm Learn More
  9. Creality CR-20 Pro 220*220*250mm
    Excl. Tax: $391.99 Incl. Tax: $489.99

    CR20 PRO, integrated module brand new creality3d printer with matrix automatic leveling, only needs 4+2 screws for quick installation, newly Cmagnetic sticker and imported teflon tube, printing size: 220*220*250mm

    You will be up and running in no time.


    Learn More
  10. Creality CR-10-S4 - 40*40*40 cm

    Regular Price: $917.24

    Special Price Excl. Tax: $612.00 Incl. Tax: $765.00

    Creality 3D CR-10S Customized 400*400*400 Printing Size DIY 3D Printer Kit Learn More

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