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75PCS/lot Plastic Gear,Rack,Pulley,Belt,Worm Gear,Single-and Double-gear 8-56 Teeth

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   This package including gear, rack, pulley and belt drive a total of 75 parts, photo as the photo. Many parts are our own design and production, other places can't buy accessories variety is complete, the experiment is scientific research, popular science activities, personal diy models such as the necessary machinery accessories,

   75 kinds of gear package, It can be used whether model, toys, cars, planes, remote control toys. This package including gear, rack, pulley and belt drive a total of 75 parts


   9 kind of Spindle gear

   11 kind of Crown gear

   12 kind of Single gear

   19 kind of Double gear

   7 kind of Belt pulley

   2 kind of Worm gear

   5 kind of Belt

   2 PCS Connect rack

   6 PCS Axle sleeve

   1 PC Tee Axle Sleeve

   1 PC Bevel gear

More Information
Size standard flow
hotend 0.4mm/Dual
Plastic type ABS Extruder:220-275° Heatbed:100-130°
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