Assembled Extruder Head Kit MK8 Upgraded Version

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Assembled Extruder Head Kit MK8 Upgraded Version
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Nozzle 0.35mm Filament 3mm 0
Assembled Makerbot Extruder Head Kit MK8 Upgraded Version For 3D Printer


Heating nozzle is 12V, the normal operating temperature is between 190°C to 230°C, Please don't set temperature over 280° ,if the temperature is too high that would damage the peek material, pls be sure to keep in mind.

Related parameters:

Operating voltage 12V, 100k Thermistors
Nozzle size: 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm)
Sports shaft speed: 10-100MM
Teng head flow rate: about 24CC / H
Print material: suitable for 1.75mm, 3mm ABS PLA (not included)

Package included:

1 x 12V 0.8A fan
1 x Stainless steel feed head
1 x Stainless steel squeeze head
1 x Anodic aluminum aluminum block
1 x Heated aluminum block
1 x power resistors 8W 4.7V
1 x Bracket base
1 x Anodic aluminum heat sink
1 x Stainless steel bearings
1 x 42 motor 1.2A Voltage lines 5V (nema1)
1 x Aluminum feed pipe
1 x 0.5mm aluminum head spinning
Screws: Several

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