BCN3D Hotend Family by E3D

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BCN3D Hotend Family by E3D
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Compatible with the BCN3D Sigma and the BCN3D Sigmax 3D printers.

Watch the step-by-step installation video

Every part has its particularities and needs, so it’s wise to choose the proper hotend for each print job.

The new hotend family covers a wide range of nozzle sizes allowing you to print from tiny and detailed objects to massive and solid parts in less time. It also includes a special hotend with a 0,5mm nozzle made of hardened stainless steel, ideal to print with abrasive materials.

Thanks to the Hotend Family and the unique IDEX system of the BCN3D Sigma you will be able to push the limits of 3D printing by combining different hotend sizes.

Use a 0,3mm hotend to print the outlines and a 1,0mm hotend to print the infills and get an excellent finish in up to 3x less time! Or print a big, intricate model with 0,4mm hotend and use an 0,8mm hotend to print PVA supports. You have thousands of combinations! Check it out here.

Finally, in case you plan to print massive objects with an 0,8mm or 1,0mm nozzle, you may need to upgrade your Purge Bucket. You can download a bigger version here and print it in your Sigma.

What’s in the Kit:

  • 1x Sigma BCNozzle 0,3mm
  • 1x Sigma BCNozzle 0,4mm
  • 1x Sigma BCNozzle 0,5mm High Performance
  • 1x Sigma BCNozzle 0,6mm
  • 1x Sigma BCNozzle 0,8mm
  • 1x Sigma BCNozzle 1,0mm
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