Bondtech Extruder CR-10S

Bondtech Extruder CR-10S
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Upgrade your Creality CR-10S with a Bondtech Extruder
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This extruder upgrade kit will solve your feeding and grinding problems and will also give you higher resolution that will improve surface quality. It will also allow to print faster with sustained quality and no risk for grinding the filament.

It features our lightweight BMG extruder with internal 3:1 gearing ratio combined with our DualDrive precision cnc-machined hardened steel gears for maximum performance an for a long lifetime.

We have integrated the filament sensor in the mount for the CR-10S, the mount for CR-10 has no place for a filament sensor.

This kit comes in 3 versions.
1. The kit with the extruder and the necessary mounting components, you will have to download and print the mount yourself.
2. The kit with the extruder and a printed mount in ABS+ for CR-10.
3. The kit with the extruder and a printed mount in ABS+ for CR-10S

1x BMG Extruder
1x Filament guide
4x M3x8 bolts (for the mount)
4x M3 nuts (for the mount)

E-steps needs to be updated to 415, please see the installation guide of how to do it. Rotation direction of the stepper motor needs to be changed (Installation guide)

This kit contains no motor, the original motor is used.

This kit also fits the Tevo Tornado 3D printer.
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