bq Witbox with Diamond Hotend

bq Witbox Diamond Hotend Multi-Color 3D Printer

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  • bq Witbox Diamond Hotend Multi-Color 3D Printer
  • The Diamond hotend mounted on the bq Witbox
  • 3 filament spools on the back of the Diamond Hotend upgraded Witbox
  • bq Witbox Diamond Hotend Multi-Color 3D Printer
  • bq Witbox Diamond Hotend Multi-Color 3D Printer digital display
  • A variety of  multi-color 3D prints printed with the Diamond Hotend
  • bq Witbox Diamond Hotend Multi-Color 3D Printer seen from the front
  • bq Witbox Diamond Hotend Multi-Color 3D Printer seen from the side
bq Witbox with Diamond Hotend
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Price as configured: Excl. Tax: $2,048.00 Incl. Tax: $2,048.00

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bq Witbox 3D Printer with Diamond Hotend for multi-color/material 3D printing
bq Witbox Black   +$0.00
1 x Diamond Nozzle for 1.75mm filament   +$0.00
3 x Lite6 Heatsink   +$0.00
1 x Diamond Witbox mount   +$0.00
1 x Heater Cartridge 12V / 40W   +$0.00
1 x Thermistor 100K NTC with wire   +$0.00
1 x Fan 50x50x15mm 12V 125mA   +$0.00
1 x Diamond Hotend Insulator   +$0.00
3 x Stepper Motor Nema17, 48mm + Free Gasket   +$0.00
3 x MK9 Extruder Parts for Right Extruder   +$0.00
3 x Bowden tube 1m with fittings 4/2mm (for 1.75mm filament)   +$0.00
1 x Stepper Expander X1   +$0.00
2 x StepStick A4988 Stepper Motor Driver   +$0.00

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Price as configured: Excl. Tax: $2,048.00 Incl. Tax: $2,048.00



Unleash your creativity with the multi-color and multi-material Diamond Hotend Witbox 3D printer.

The bq Witbox is an exellent examble of how functionality, safety and sleek design can be combined in to one userfriendly ready-to-print 3D printing machine.

By upgrading the bq Witbox with the Diamond Hotend, we have created a high quality multi-color and multi-material 3D-printer that pushes boundaries for what can be created on a 3D printer.

Please note, that the Diamond Hotend Wtibox is made to order and has a delivery time of 1 – 2 weeks.

One nozzle, multiple filaments, a world of possibilities

The Diamond Hotend is a single nozzle hotend for 3D printing in multiple colors or materials. It allows you to time exactly when and where the color changes are made and enables the Witbox 3D printer to feed three different types of filaments through a single nozzle.

The Diamond Hotend Witbox offers a world of new possibillities for combining, mixing and bledining a variety of filaments in to astonishing 3D models. 

The biggest print volume on the market

The bq Witbox boasts the biggest print volume on the domestic-printer market, with a DIN-A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) print area offering up to 20 cm in height. This allows the Witbox to print large-scale objects or multiple parts at the same time, all at a rate unrivalled by any other printer.

Where beauty and safety combine

The bq Witbox has been painstakingly designed to optimise its functionality. It’s a fully enclosed printer with a locking front door system, which prevents accidental access during printing and makes it a particularly safe device to use in environments where children may be present. Its fully enclosed design helps minimise noise, while preventing heat from escaping and controlling airflow - thereby maintaining a constant temperature inside the printer.

Technical specifications

  • Electronics

    Ramps 1.4
    Mega 2560
    LCD screen with rotary encoder and push-button navigation
    A4-sized glass base
    348W power source
    100k thermistor in the extruder
    40W, 12V heater cartridge
  • Layer Resolution

    High: 50 microns
    Medium: 200 microns
    Low: 300 microns
  • Print speed

    Recommended speed: 60 mm/sec
    Maximum recommended speed: 80 mm/sec
    Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Dimensions

    Dimensions (work area): Size DIN A4 x 20 cm high (the largest on the market)
    X - 297 mm, Y - 210 mm, Z - 200 mm
    Dimensions (printer): length - 505 mm, width - 388 mm, height - 450 mm
    Dimensions (box): 59cm x 47cm x 55cm, 29kg
  • Materials

  • General Mechanics

    Powder-coated steel chassis
    Toughened chrome bars for carriages X, Y and Z
    Igus bearings for X,Y and Z
    Igus cable-chains
    Igus power screw for the Z axis with flexible motor coupling
    Powder-coated moving parts and supports
    Three-point printer base levelling system with damping
    Quick-change printer base system with neodymium magnets
  • Extruder Mechanics

    Tripple extruders
    0.4 mm Diamond Nozzle
    Cooling system for parts
  • Safety Features

    EC certification
    Enclosed device with door-safety feature
  • Software

    Pre-configured Marlin firmware
    Recommended host: Repetier-host
    Recommended slicer: Slic3r
  • Connectivity

    SD card reader with 4 GB card included
    USB port


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