Diamond Fullcolor Hotend

Diamond Fullcolor Hotend

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Single nozzle hotend for fullcolor and multi-material 3D printing
Diamond Fullcolor Hotend is available for purchase in increments of 1
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Diamond Fullcolor Hotend is available for purchase in increments of 1

Price as configured: Excl. Tax: $0.00 Incl. Tax: $0.00



The Diamond Fullcolor Hotend is a single nozzle hotend for 3D printing in multiple colors that requires a minimum of calibration. It allows you to time exactly when and where the color changes and eliminates the problem with oozing nozzles.

The Diamond Fullcolor Hotend allows you to feed five different types of filaments through one nozzle and provides a faster, easier and more precise method of 3D printing, at an affordable price with minimal filament waste.


Benefits of The Diamond Fullcolor Hotend

  • Easy calibration
  • Better precision
  • Prints with 5 different colors
  • Minimal filament waste



Features of The Diamond Fullcolor Hotend

The key feature of The Diamond Fullcolor Hotend is the diamond shaped nozzle. We have designed the nozzle to have smallest possible mixing chamber, to make color shifts as fast as possible and to avoid unnecessary filament waste. To ensure rapid nozzle heat up we have constructed the nozzle as compact as possible.

The Diamond Fullcolor Hotend is equipped with high quality heat sinks and heat breaks from E3D Online and is mounted with a 3D printed bracket.

At this time, we have designed mounting brackets and the necessary hardware and firmware upgrades for the bq Prusa i3 and bq wit box 3D printers.

However, the design of the mounting brackets can easily be modified to fit most 3D printers on the market.

We hope that the 3D printing community will collaborate with us in modifying the mounting brackets to fit other 3D printers and encourage everyone to share their bracket designs with us. Any new bracket designs shared with us will be made available for download from our webpage.

We have tested The Diamond Fullcolor Hotend with a variety of filaments including PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PC and PETG with excellent results.


The RADDS is a 32bit microcontroller and will give you extra performance, which can be necessary for any Fullcolor 3D printer.

For the RADDS your will need the RADDS Extension Board and we recommend to buy 8pcs RAPS128 Stepsticks which have 1/128 microstepping for smooth and quiet printing.


We recommend to add a display to the electronics. For the RADDS select the RADS LCD Display.

Firmware and hardware upgrades

The Diamond Fullcolor Hotend requires an electronic board that supports five extruders.

You can choose to purge the mixing chamber as infill by printing the infill before the outer perimeters, or apply prime towers to purge the mixing chamber with every filament shift. This technique ensures crystal clear printout colors.

We have found Repetier Host to be excellent for preparing multicolor prints, because it has proven to work reliably with prime towers.

Please go to the reprap.org wiki-page for further information on how to install The Diamond Hotend or join the Diamond Hotend Facebook group.

Things to print with your Diamond Hotend

The Diamond Hotend Keyhanger

Five color keyhanger printed with the Diamond Hotend using overlapping technique

Julia Vase #002 - Yin Yang by Virtox

Julia Vase #002 - Yin Yang by Virtox used with permission


Dice by RepRapPro


 Multi-color dice 3D printed with the Diamond Hotend

Traffic cone by RepRapPro

 Muliti-color 3D printed traffic cone


Dual-Color Ring - Heart by Bassna


 Three color Heart Ring 3D printed with the Diamond Hotend

Twisted 6-sided Vase Basic by MaakMijnIdee

six sided three color vase printed with the Diamond Hotend


Marvin Advanced by Vjsannyshine


 Three color Marvin printed with the Diamond Hotend



The Diamond Hotend on Kickstarter

RepRap.org Wiki page

The Diamond Hotend user group on Facebook

Diamond Hotend parts on Thingiverse


Question: My Diamond Hotend is clogged, how do i clean it?

Answer: Unplug the bowden tubes on the heated Diamond Hotend. Use a heated 2mm hex key to insert in each heatsink, all the way into the nozzle tip and pull out quickly to remove any plastic. Repeat process until clean. No need to disassembly the heatsinks! If nozzle tip is clogged, use a 0.4mm drill/wire to clean from outside.

Question: My Diamond Hotend is leaking, how do i stop the leak?

Answer: After mounting the heatsinks, heatup the nozzle to 240-250 degree celcius and tighten the heatsink with a plier. If still leaking you can use some PFTE tape on the heatsink threads or liquid gasket. Never use cooling paste on the threads!



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