Temperature Controller

Heatbed Temperature Controller
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Temperature Controller. External heatbed control for Reprap 3D printer
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This temperature controller can be used to control heating of any heatbed in conjunction with the Power Expander. Also it can be used for any other cooling / heating requirements.


Specifications : 

Dimensions : 48 x 40mm
Temperature control mode : ON / OFF
Temperature range : -50 - 110 ℃
Resolution : When temperature is 0.1℃ the resolution is -9.9~99.9, other temperature segment is 1℃
Control accuracy : 0.1 ℃
Hysteresis  accuracy : 0.1℃
Refresh rate : 0.5S
High temperature protection : 0-110℃
Supply voltage : DC 12V
Static current : ≤ 35MA, attract current ≤ 65MA
Output voltage : DC 12V
Output power : 10A relay (To operate a Heatbed a Power Expanded is recommended)
Measurement input : NTC (10K 0.5%) Waterproof Sensor
Environmental requirements : -10 ~ 60 ℃, Humidity 20% -85%
NTC beta value: 3900-3949K (Thanks to Jaco)


How to use: 

Connect the power supply and the load to the terminals.
The current temperature is displayed.
Press the SET button, the display flashes the temperature.
Press + or - to set the desired temperature. Press SET to confirm the temperature.
The LED indicator will be lit when relay is on, and the LED indicator will be off when the relay is off.
The display will show the temperature or LL if the sensor is open, HH if it's out of range or HHH if it's the High Temperature Alarm
To change settings of the Temperature Controller press and hold the SET button for 5 seconds.
Press + or - to toggle P0 - P8 settings and press SET.

Setting Description Range Factory default
P0 Cooling/Heating C/H C
P1 Hysteresis setting 0.5 - 15 2
P2 Upper limit 110 110
P3 Lower limit -50 -50
P4 Temp. correction -7 - 7C 0
P5 Delay start time 0-10min 0
P6 High Alarm 0-110C OFF

To restore to factory settings, press and hold the + and - 

Package included : 

1x Digital Temperature Control Switch
1x Waterproof temperature sensor 

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