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MK7 Drive Gear.Reprap extruder pulley for 1.75/3mm filament.Bore 5mm/Steel SS304
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Made by precise machining of stainless steel. The drive gear includes a M3 set screw and is suitable for typical NEMA17 motor shaft (5mm).

  • Dimension: 11mm (height) x 12.7mm (diameter)
  • Effective diameter: 10.5mm
  • Bore size: ø5mm
This gear is originally designed for MK7 extruder which is used on Makerbot Thing-O-Matic and Replicator. However due to its effectiveness, durability, and wide availability, this gear is also popular among makers who use it for their own extruder designs. Eventually MK7 gear almost become a standard extruder gear for many excellent extruders.
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