Devil Design TPU 1.75mm Natural

Devil Design TPU 1.75mm Natural
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Devil Design TPU 1.75mm Natural is available to buy in increments of 1
Buy 8 or more spools of Devil Design filament and get 20% discount. You can mix any color, type or size
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Temperature Celsius Min Max
Extruder 210 230*
Build Platform 30 40*

* Optimal Extrusion temperatures may vary by brand and make.

TPEs, or thermoplastic elastomers, are a combination of polymers with both thermoplastic and rubber characteristics that feature a crosslinking microstructure. Typically, TPE is soft and flexible, even bouncy. Industrially, TPEs are used to manufacture headphones, snowmobile tracks, and sex toys. For 3D printing, TPEs should be used wherever flexibility and strength are both a concern. Some brands of soft elastomers may be very difficult to print with, because they require a lot of heat, while some brands print relatively easily at normal ABS temperatures.

Filament weight: 1000g (1kg)

Empty spool weight: 260g

More Information
Plastic type TPU/FLEX (Flexible) Extruder:210-230° Heatbed:30-40°
Size 1.75mm
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