FlexiPlate™ build plate

FlexiPlate™ 2mm build plate for your 3D printer

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  • FlexiPlate™ 2mm build plate for your 3D printer
  • FlexiPlate™ 2mm build plate for your 3D printer (Fixpad)
  • FlexiPlate™ 2mm build plate for your 3D printer (Fixpad)
FlexiPlate™ build plate
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FlexiPlate™ build plate for your 3D printer

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Excl. Tax: $12.24 Incl. Tax: $15.30


Product description

Tired of printed parts coming loose during print?

Tired of using glue, tape, ABS juice and other stuff to get enough adhesion to the buildplate?

Here's the solution: The FlexiPlate™

The FlexiPlate™ will provide enough adhesion to prevent lifting, yet allow for safe release of finished prints. The special chemistry of the FlexiPlate™ provides excellent adhesion, flexibility, and a clean release of your printed part. You can flex the plate to remove your part, skim it off with a spatula, or use a combination of both. With the FlexiPlate™ there's no need to waste time replacing damaged tape, cleaning up adhesives or hair spray, and no worries about broken glass.
With the FlexiPlate™ you can print again and again on the same spot, without having to clean or prepare the surface.

The FlexiPlate™ is not absolutely flat and you would need a flat surface like your heatbed to clamp it down to.

The thickness of the FlexiPlate™ is 2mm if the length and width is smaller than 250mm. For large FlexiPlates™ where the length or width is above 250mm, the thickness is 3mm. The increased thickness is to prevent a dome effect, where the center of the plate will rise from the buildplate, even though it is clamped securely to the heatbed. Please let us know if you want another thickness than the default, and we can make a custom version.

Please note the FlexiPlate™ will bend when heated and it's essential to have it clamped sufficient to the buildplate/heatbed.
If the hot nozzle touches the FlexiPlate™ it can make a mark or even a hole. 


  • FlexiPlate™ thickness: 2mm +/-0.1mm for all sizes <250mm
  • FlexiPlate™ thickness: 3mm +/-0.1mm for all sizes >250mm
  • Length/Width Tolerance: +/-1mm
  • Temperature: max. 120 degree Celsius
  • Good adhesion for both PLA, ABS, PETG and many more

50pcs 3D printed pens on a FlexiPlate

How to remove an elephant from your Build Plate (FlexiPlate)

3D Printer Cross Reference List

Dimensions, mm Printer(s)
200 x 200 Various, Prusa, RepRap
171 x 287 Makerbot Replicator 2
152 x 228 Flashforge, Wanhao, Various
168 x 237 Printrbot Simple Metal
168 x 214 Printrbot Simple Heated Bed
254 x 254 (10"x10") Robo3D
203 x 254 (8"x10") Makergear, Various
168 x 340  Printrbot extended X-axis
214 x 214 MK2/MK3 heat bed - corners cut 9mm
170 dia. Mini Kossel
220 dia. Orion delta
260 dia. Atom3D
310 dia. Rostock
140 x 140 Afinia
120 x 120 Makerbot Thing-o-matic
125 x 125 Ultimaker 2 GO
229 x 257 Ultimaker 2
232 x 242 Ultimaker 1
118 x 155 Printrbot Play
260 x 260 Printrbot Plus
155 x 286 Heated bed for Replicator 2
162 x 247 Makerbot Replicator 2x
220 x 220 BQ Hephestos Prusa³
215 x 305 BQ Witbox
214 x 240 Velleman K8400
270 x 300 Felix
200 x 300 BQ Hephestos Prusa with Ext'd Bed
300 x 300 Lulzbot TAZ

If you don't see what you need, please contact us. We cut custom sizes all the time.

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