Geeetech Delta Rostock mini G2 DIY 3D Printer Kit With Auto Leveling

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Geeetech Delta Rostock mini G2 DIY 3D Printer Kit With Auto Leveling
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This Rostock mini G2 is a new upgraded delta 3D printer based on the modified design of the Geeetech Delta Rostock mini generation 1.
On the whole, the Rostock mini G2 succeeds the advantages of the previous version like small physical footprint, simple but really rigid frame, high positioning accuracy, flexible effectors, and very similar specification except that we add some innovative design.  
This G2 is powered by our newly designed control system—GT2560 that supports 2 extruders and eliminates the complicated wiring of Mega2560+Ramps 1.4 and it is more space-saving and convenient.
We also add an auto-leveling probe for G2, this means you do not have to adjust it every time before you start printing, after the first assembly work, you can almost plug and play.
In terms of printing filament, apart from PLA and ABS, G2 supports Nylon and wood filament, which enables more possibilities to create 3D printing project.
This G2 is also improved with a build-on LCD control panel, you can monitor the printing process in real time and with a SD card it can realize stand-alone printing, very convenient.

Main features:

1. New updated control system.
2. Auto-leveling and auto-calibration.
3. More flexible effectors and diagonal rods.
4. More fluent printing process and higher precession.
5. Support PLA, ABS, Nylon and Wood filament.
6. Further simplified structure and enhanced stability.


Print Volume190 x 200mm
Chassislaser -cut acrylic plate
The Layer Thickness0.1mm
Layer Resolution0.1mm
Filament Diameter1.75mm, 3mm
Nozzle Diameter0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm
Print Speed60 to 120 mm/sec
Print Plate Size210 x 3mm
Print Plate (Build Platform)aluminum plate + heatbed
XYZ Bearingscarbon steel
Stepper Motors1.8° step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping
Max Heated Bed Tempabout 110 ℃
Max Extruder Tempabout 240 ℃
AC Input115V/1.5A   230V/0.75A
No. of Extruders1
Connectivity (Interface)USB, SD Card
3D printing SoftwareRepetier Host
CAD Input data file format supportedSTL, G code
Client Operating SystemWindows, Linux, Mac
Machine Dimensions320 x 320 x 870mm
Machine weight8.5kg
Shipping box dimensions495 x 395 x 195mm
Shipping box weight9.5kg

Document Download:

CE-EMC Certificate.jpg
G2 packing list.xls
CE-LVD Certificate.jpg
FCC Certificate.jpg
ROHS Certificate.jpg
G2 packing list.xls
Quick Starter Manual .pdf
Delta Rostock mini G2& G2s building instruction(4).pdf

Package included:

1 x DIY Delta Rostock Mini G2 3D Printer Kit (Filament is not included)

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