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Lite6 Heatsink

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E3D Lite6 Heatsink with embedded bowden coupling
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Lite6 is our answer to the need for a low cost, yet reliable and high quality hotend. 


So, how does Lite6 compare where it really matters?
  E3D-v6 E3D Lite6
PLA (190°C)
ABS (230°C)
Nylon (245°C) ✔(Slowly)
XT (250°C)
PC-ABS (285°C)
PC  (300°C)
Fan cooling required Always Optional
Assembly Complexity Intermediate Easy
Filament Diameter 1.75mm or 3mm 1.75mm Only
Bowden Capable
Volcano Compatible
V6 Nozzle Range Compatible
Downsides to Lite6 vs E3D-v6
  • You can't print above 245°C due to the PTFE liner.

  • It's slightly heavier as the heatsink is stainless, not aluminium.

Why Lite6?

We saw customers unable to spend the money on an E3D-v6 being caught out by purchasing cheap Chinese knock-offs and having a terrible user experience. Not everybody needs the high temperature all metal performance of the E3D-v6 hotend, but everyone deserves a reliable hotend that produces great quality prints in everyday materials like ABS and PLA. Meet Lite6. 

Lite6 Sink with optional fan duct
Lite6 shares many advanced features from v6, such as compatible interchangeable nozzles in a range of sizes, our easy to use and robust thermistor mounting, integrated bowden coupling and the ability to guide flexible filaments all the way from the drive gear to the melt zone in a continuous PTFE liner.
Range of E3D nozzles - Look at that tip geometry!!
As you would expect from E3D, Lite6 is compatible with all v6 nozzles, so the end user still has access to the full range of resolutions.


Ease of Use

Lite6 is able to produce prints that are just as beautiful and high quality as v6. We've made the hotend simpler to assemble with fewer parts, and Lite6 is easier to use and more tolerant of user errors than v6. We've even eliminated the need for a heatsink cooling fan in almost all cases.


Lite6 is extremely robust, maintainable, tolerant of user errors - even catastrophic errors. We've used a "Mostly metal" approach, with a one piece stainless heatbreak/heatsink that is lined with PTFE. This means that even if the hotend is taken over temperatures that would normally destroy PEEK based hotends Lite6 can easily be repaired by simply inserting a new PTFE liner at next to no cost. In the case of nozzle blockages due to contamination the nozzle can simply be removed and replaced with a standard v6 nozzle.


Kit Contains:
  • Embedded Bowden Coupling (Universal for Direct & Bowden)
  • HeatSink
Lite6 Assembly Line drawing

Lite6 is the same overall length, has the same groove-mounting dimensions as v6, and uses the same thermistor and heater as v6. So every printer, mount, and accessory designed around v6 is immediately compatible with Lite6.

In summary, the Lite6 offers:

  • the trusted brand of E3D
  • E3D's reliable support structure for the end user
  • highly competitive pricing
  • easy installation
  • ease of use for the end user
  • compatible and interchangeable with v6
  • high quality engineering
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