RepRap ALU Heatbed MK3

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RepRap ALU Heatbed MK3. 3mm Aluminium core and Dual power
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Reprap ALU Heatbed MK3 description:

All features similar to MK2 and you can also operate this board with 12V or 24V.

Heatbed with 3mm Aluminum Core. Print directly on the heatbed, no need for glass plate. It's a much lighter solution than PCB heatbed + glass, which makes it better for faster prints.

Dual power supply. Operate at 12V or 24V. Your can use thinner wires when operating at 24V.

A central mounting hole on the front side to allow for three point mounting. This is much easier for bed leveling in comparison to 4 point mounting. First level the side with two holes and fix in place, then level the side with one hole.

Large solder pads for multiple wires (ribbon cable) or a SMD pinhead connector can be mounted. Pads for SMD thermistor 1206

  • Dimensions 214mm x 214mm
  • 1 layer 35μm (1oz base) copper
  • Resistance between 1.4 and 1.6 ohm for the 12V
  • Resistance between 5.0 and 5.4 ohm for the 24V
  • 110 degrees Celsius possible for both 12V and 24V
  • Running 24V on the 12V terminals will heatup the heatbed to 100 degree in only 2 minutes
  • 180 degree Celsius max temperature
  • Flatness aprox. within +-0.2mm

This is included in the Prusa mount kit:

  • 1 pcs Acrylic 5mm carriage plate 240 x 140mm
  • 1 pcs Acrylic 5mm mount platform 240 x 225mm
  • 4 pcs Bulldog clips
  • 4 pcs Springs
  • 8 pcs M3 x 25mm
  • 20 pcs M3 nut

When connecting the heatbed in the 12V setting it is important that you connect solder pad 2 and 3 directly on the heatbed.

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