MKS 12864 OLED 0.96in

MKS 12864 OLED 0.96in

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  • MKS 12864 OLED 0.96in
MKS 12864 OLED 0.96in
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MKS 12864 OLED 0.96in


These displays are small, only about 1" diagonal, but very readable due to the high contrast of an OLED display. This display is made of 128x64 individual white OLED pixels, each one is turned on or off by the controller chip. Because the display makes its own light, no backlight is required. This reduces the power required to run the OLED and is why the display has such high contrast; we really like this miniature display for its crispness!

This breakout can be used with either an SPI or I2C interface - selectable by soldering two jumpers on the back. The design is completely 5V-ready, with an onboard regulator and built in boost converter. It's easier than ever to connect directly to your 3V or 5V microcontroller without needing any kind of level shifter!

We have a detailed tutorial and example code in the form of an Arduino library for text and graphics. You'll need a microcontroller with more than 1K of RAM since the display must be buffered.

You can download our SSD1306 OLED display Arduino library from github which comes with example code. The library can print text, bitmaps, pixels, rectangles, circles and lines. It uses 1K of RAM since it needs to buffer the entire display but its very fast! The code is simple to adapt to any other microcontroller.

1. MKS-12864OLED using OLED display. Particularly suitable for smaller display screen, and has a good display printers.
2. Need to make corresponding changes in the Marlin firmware to use, the modification method is described below.
3. Repetier firmware may not be able to use, unless you have enough capability to develop yourself.
4. Will provide examples of firmware for testing, but does not provide relevant technical support.


1. Default with 0.96 inch OLED display
2. Interface is the same with 2004LCD and 12864LCD!

Modification method: Click to open

Package includes:

1 x MKS 12864LCD board
2 x FC cable

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