MKS GEN L Motherboard with 3.5 Inch LCD WIFI Touch Screen Kit for 3D Printer

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MKS GEN L Motherboard with 3.5 Inch LCD WIFI Touch Screen Kit for 3D Printer
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MKS GEN L Motherboard with 3.5 Inch LCD WIFI Touch Screen Kit for 3D Printer


Combining 2560 and ramps 1.4 on a board solves the problem of complex Ramps 1.4 interface and easy to break down.
Users can change their own motor driver, support 4988 driver and 8825 driver, TMC2100 driver.
Reserve external drive signal, and can drive 57, 86 motors by external large drive.
Using high quality MOSFET tube, the heat dissipation effect is better and the long-term work stability is guaranteed.
The special power supply chip is used to support 12V-24V power input, which solves the problem of heating and insufficient power supply of Ramps voltage conversion chip.
Stable and reliable filter circuit greatly reduces the possibility of interference, and avoids the phenomenon of crash and random running in the printing process as much as possible.
With CH340 serial chip, the problem of 16U2 hard-to-install driver has been solved by reducing cost while ensuring stability and reliability.
It can accept 24V input and reduce the hot bed current to 1/4 under the same system power, which can effectively solve the heating problem of hot bed MOS tubes.
Using open source firmware Marlin, the configuration is exactly the same as ramps 1.4, which can directly replace Ramps 1.4.
It can directly connect the 2004 LCD display and 12864 LCD display. It can support TFT28 and TFT32 touch screen.
XYZ a-xis uses different colors of terminals to correspond to the motor and limit switch, which is convenient for wiring.
Humanized design, with different colors of terminals to distinguish the driving direction, reduce the probability of insertion reversal, to prevent damage to the motherboard due to driving insertion.

Color: 262K
Display screen size: 3.5 inches
Touch Screen Type: Resistance Touch Screen
Resolution: 480*320 PX
Package included:

1 x M K S GEN L V1.0
1 x USB Data Line
1 x 3.5-inch LCD WIFI Display Screen
1 x Display Connection Line
1 x WIFI Connection Line

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