MKS-LV8729-OC Stepper Motor Driver Module High Subdivision

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MKS-LV8729-OC Stepper Motor Driver Module High Subdivision
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MKS-LV8729-OC Stepper Motor Driver Module High Subdivision


Applicable Motherboard: MKS GEN, MKS SBASE with MKS CD can be used in Ramps, can also be used with our simple controller MKS OSC


Operating voltage: DC 9V-32V. It is recommended to use DC12V or DC24V switching power supply
Using high-speed optocoupler, high-speed without losing step
LV8729 chip, with over-current protection circuit, the maximum support 128 segments
Maximum current: 1.5A
Breakdown: 16/32/64/128
Automatic half-flow function
A variety of input methods to meet a variety of interface needs
The use of increased heat sink, good heat dissipation
Volume: 75 * 48 (mm) up to 22.5mm

Special note:

1. Confirm the positive and negative before power, because reverse power will burn the chip.
2. Current should not exceed the motor rated current. Recommended current is not more than 1A, not more than 64 subdivision, this state drive the most stable.

Instructions for use:

1. Common and differential two kinds of input mode, through the No. 6 DIP switch to switch, when No. 6 DIP switch to 1, the input mode is common cathode, the use of white 4pin terminal input; when DIP switch to 0 the input mode is differential, and a total of cathode-common and common anode, see connection diagram.
2. 1/2 DIP switch for the subdivision settings, 3/4/5 DIP switch for the current settings, 6 for the input selection, see connection diagram
Press the DIP switch to dial the number is 0, dial ON to 1, subdivision, current, input mode settings are as follows:

Package includes:

1 x MKS-LV8729-OC V1.0 High Subdivision Stepper Motor Driver


Generally used to connect in common cathode, if you need to connect with common anode, you need to modify the enable mode in the firmware, you can find it in Marlin firmware configuration.h:


#define X_ENABLE_ON 0
#define Y_ENABLE_ON 0
#define Z_ENABLE_ON 0
#define E_ENABLE_ON 0


#define X_ENABLE_ON 1
#define Y_ENABLE_ON 1
#define Z_ENABLE_ON 1
#define E_ENABLE_ON 1

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