MKS RUMBA Motherboard + 6x TMC2130 Driver Kit for 3D Printer

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MKS RUMBA Motherboard + 6x TMC2130 Driver Kit for 3D Printer is available to buy in increments of 1
MKS RUMBA Motherboard + 6x TMC2130 Driver Kit for 3D Printer
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Using the same CPU as Arduino Mega, Atmega2560 as the main control chip, together with high-performance USB chip Atmega16U2, to achieve compatibility with all Ramps-related firmware.
5 temperature sensor interface input.
All pins are drawn out to facilitate more functional expansion.
With LCD extension interface, it can connect SD extension version of Chinese LCD screen to realize offline printing (support 2004 and 12864).
Extended interface of steering gear to add automatic leveling function conveniently.
Support 6 A4988 DRV8825 TMC2208 TMC2130 TMC2100 and other driving boards.
PWM DC output (heating tube, fan, etc.): 6 output (1 high current, 3 medium current, 2 low current) are driven by high performance low conduction resistance MOS transistors, each output is indicated by LED.
Power supply part: power input is 12V-35V, dual power supply design, effectively avoiding mutual influence. Hot bed part supports 11A current, 12V, other parts of the circuit, 5A, 12V. In order to reduce the high temperature caused by high current on Mega Controller board, it is suggested to add 12V heat dissipation fan.
The firmware of control panel will adopt Marlin, which is the most widely used nowadays. It has good performance in stability, ease of use and functionality.
The circuit board is specially designed for CNC processing such as 3D printer, engraving machine and laser cutting machine.
 A personal computer can be used to control a 3D printer through a USB connection or to print directly from an SD card.
Because of the integrated design, simple installation and debugging, and the common Arduino IDE as the development software, firmware upgrade, parameter configuration is simple and easy to use.

The single-phase current of the two-phase stepping motor is 1.2A (peak 2.5A) and the working current of the motor is adjustable.
Support two control modes of Step/DIR interface and SPI interface.
Combination of maximum efficiency and optimal motor torque operation without noise.
High-precision sensorless motor load detection.
Reduce energy consumption by 75%.
High-load drivers will not be out of step.
Interface: Step / Dir or SPI
Configuration: CFG pin or SPI
Segmentation: up to 1/256 microPlyer microsteps 1/256
Logical Voltage VIO: 3-5V
Motor Voltage VM: 5.5-46V
Motor Phase Current: 1.2A RMS, 2.5A Peak
Package included:

1 x Motherboard
1 x USB Cable
6 x TMC2130 Driver
6 x Cooling Rib
1 x Black screwdriver

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