MKS SMelzi+Melzi MINI12864 LCD

MKS SMelzi+Melzi MINI12864 LCD

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  • MKS SMelzi+Melzi MINI12864 LCD
MKS SMelzi+Melzi MINI12864 LCD
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MKS SMelzi+Melzi MINI12864 LCD


For Prusa i3 printer research and development of a cost-effective motherboard, particularly suitable for Prusa i3 manufacturers use


Compare the MKS Melzi + SMelzi suit increased the following functions

1. To support our touch screen

2. Can match our external card slot


Product positioning:

1, the I3, delta users against the cost-effective solutions


Second, relative to the Melzi on market we have done the following optimization:

1, improve the size, such not only can be used for I3 machine, it is more convenient for delta

2, increasing power terminal can support 20 a current. (according to statistics, 30% of the original fault is burn out power terminal)


3, power supply module replacement to support 1 a current of 7805, heat dissipation is better, more reliable.


4 or more terminals can support 20 a current hot bed, use the guest selection of MOS tube (can support 20 a current, has tens of thousands of pieces of shipment, basic trouble-free). (according to statistics, 40% of the original fault is burning hot bad bed terminal)


5, increase recoverable fuse and protection circuit, short circuit when the mainboard safety to ensure a short time.


6, replace A4988 with HR4988, and after a long time. Driving under the same conditions, low temperature 5 degrees or so, also safe and reliable.


7, MicroUSB changed to ordinary USB more solid and reliable. (according to statistics, 10% of the original fault is a USB terminal damage)


8, increase horn interface, support the MKS Melzi MINI12864 and MKS Melzi LCD2004 display. The MKS Melzi MINI12864 can show Chinese


9, FT232 modification for CH340, on the premise of to ensure stable and reliable, reduce the cost.


10, X, Y, Z electrical motor, E a limit, limit Y, Z, X limit, bed hot sensitive, nozzle thermal replacement for XH2.54 interface, and MKS Base/MKS Gen/MKS MINI is unified, such as a more general, more convenient connection.


11, increasing the TFT touch screen interface, can support the MKS TFT28/32 touch screen


12, increasing the external interface card slot, the user can easily design an SD card installation location


13, fan interface USES XH2.54, more suitable for connection, add a 12 v output connection long wind fan.

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