OpenBuilds Eccentric Spacer

OpenBuilds Eccentric Spacer
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OpenBuilds Eccentric Spacer
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Eccentric Spacers are available in various lengths and individually, for your convenience.

"These Eccentric Spacers are the perfect solution for creating a pre-load from the V-Wheels to the V-Slot Linear Rail!"

These Eccentric cams allow you to adjust your wheels ~1.5mm against the V-Slot creating a nice, snug, locked on fit.

Product Details

  • Qty. 1
  • Version - V7
  • 6mm or 1/4" Can Height
  • 5mm Bore
  • Rim fits into a 7.12mm Hole
  • Stainless Steel
  • Color: Steel

Pro-Tip: The OpenBuilds Part Store Eccentric Spacers comes with a divot on the outside which allows you to know at all times where the smallest part of the CAM hole is located.

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