RepRap PCB Heatbed 200x300mm

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RepRap PCB Heatbed 200x300mm. Dual power 12/24V. Perfect for Prusa i3 etc.
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The RepRap PCB Heatbed 200x300mm has dual power mode optimized for 12 or 24V but you can also use everything in between (Your printer controller will regulate the power to the heatbed in order to get your preset temperature.)

The core is regular 1.6mm FR4 PCB and the print surface is the same as regular heatbeds but with a metric ruler grid.

The distance between mounting holes are 209mm and 309mm.

- Large solder pads for multiple wires (ribbon cable) or a SMD pinhead connector can be mounted.

- Pads for SMD thermistor 1206 

  • Dimensions 214mm x 314mm
  • 1 layer 35μm (1oz base) copper
  • Resistance between 1 and 1.3 ohm for the 12V (110 - 144 Watts)
  • Resistance between 4.5 and 5 ohm for the 24V (115 - 128 Watts)
  • Running 24V on a 12V setting will heatup the heatbed to 100 degree Celsius in only 2 minutes (while consuming 443 - 576 Watts!!!)
  • 180 degree Celsius max. temperature
  • As the nature of the PCB material, flatness can't be defined and you will need an aluminum or glass topplate.
  • Use glass or aluminum plate for printing platform
  • Heatbed Thermal Insulator 300 is recommended

When connecting the heatbed in the 12V setting it is important that you connect solder pad 2 and 3 directly on the heatbed.

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