RepRap PCB Heatbed 300x300mm

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RepRap PCB Heatbed 300x300mm. Perfect for big build planes
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RepRap PCB Heatbed 300x300mm description:

      The heatbed has a really big surface area and will need a big power supply to heat up.


      Make sure to use some kind of insulator on the bottom side of the heatbed to improve the performance.

  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Current: ~20A
  • Resistance ~1ohm
  • Heat output: ~480W
  • Dimensions 314 x 314mm
  • Mounting holes 4x ø3mm. 3mm from edge in each corner. 308mm between.
  • Laminate FR4 1.8+-0.15mm 2 layer, Etched directly from 35um Copper and NO plating
  • As the nature of the PCB material, flatness can't be defined and you will need an aluminum or glass topplate.
  • Black Soldermask top and buttom side
  • White Silkscreen - both sides
  • Center hole for thermister mount
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