Pulley GT2 5mm bore 16T teeth

Pulley GT2 16T teeth
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Pulley GT2 5mm bore 16T teeth is available to buy in increments of 1
GT2 Alum.Timing Pulley 5mm shaft 16T tooth for RepRap Prusa Mendel Huxley CNC
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Excellent GT2 pulley for building RepRap 3D printers, CNC and lasercutting machines
This is the best quality GT2 pulley available !
It works perfect with the flexible GT2 timing belt we also sell.
If you've ever worked with plastic pulleys before, you know it's better to go for a metal pulley.
A plastic pulley tends to break, chip or wear out after a while.
This strong, lightweight GT2 pulley is double flanged, which prevents a timing belt to slip from this pulley.
It'll fit a 5mm shaft. 
Technical specs of GT2 pulley
Specs Value(s)
Amount 1 piece
Pitch GT2
Teeth 16T
Flange 1 sides
Bore hole 0.197"(5.0 mm)
Set screw 1 pcs (M3) included
Material Aluminum
Timing belt width 6 mm (*)
(*) The space is nearly .299" (7.6 mm). When using our 6 mm wide timing belt, it has minimal free space at each side for smooth running. You might consider a wider timing belt, but is not adviseable.
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