Rampas 1.4 Controller + Mega2560 R3 + 12864 Display DIY Kit for Arduino CNC 3D Printer

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Rampas 1.4 Controller + Mega2560 R3 + 12864 Display DIY Kit for Arduino CNC 3D Printer
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Rampas 1.4 Controller + Mega2560 R3 + 12864 Display DIY Kit for Arduino CNC 3D Printer



About Mega 2560:
 - Microcontrollers: ATmega2560
 - Operating voltage: 5 V
 - Input voltage (recommended): 7-12 V
 - Input voltage (limits): 6-20 V
 - Digital pins I / O: 54 (of which 14 provide PWM output)
 - Analog input pins: 16
 - DC current by i / o PIN: 40 mA
 - DC current for 3.3 V PIN: 50 ma
 - Flash memory: 256 KB of which 4 KB used by bootloader
 - SRAM: 8 KB

About Ramps 1.4:
 - MOSFET controllers / outputs and three thermistor circuits.
 - ADDITIONAL SECURITY INTEGRATION 5a and component protection
 - Control of additional heating bed 11a fuse
 - Suitable for 5 polom step by step
 - Pololu pin socket, so they can be easily replaced or removed for future designs.
 - I2C I2C and SPI for future expansion.
 - Connected to all MOSFET PWM versatility.
 - SERVO type connector is used to connect to the final stop, the motor and the light emitting diodes. These connectors are gold plated, nominal current of 3a, very compact.
 - On the SD card to add-is now available from the Kliment-sdramps
 - LED indicates when the heater output
 - Option 2 motors connected to z prusa Mendel

About Limit switch parameter:
 - Using 22 AWG wire, copper wire inside is very thick, can be resistant to current voltage 2a, 300V. 
 - An insulating layer over a wide range of temperatures, up to 80 degrees. 
 - Plug it convenient, to facilitate the use
 - Network connection VCC network (+ ramps)
 - Connect the black GND cable (de-ramps)
 - Green line connection signal (ramps in s)
 - Tips: Under normal circumstances, the system must be configured for at least three mechanical switches.
 - Advantages: Easy to install, the most common styles.

About LCD 12864:
3D printer using LCD control panel, are ramp extension accessories. The LCD control panel through which you can get spooling is that the 3D model files are copied to the SD card, and print the file through the LCD control panel.

About A4988 driver:
 - Size 5mm × 5mm, nominal nominal package height 0.90mm, 
 - with an exposed pad for improved heat dissipation.
 - Low RDS output (on)
 - Automatic mode detection / selection
 - Mix with slow current decay modes
 - Synchronous rectification of low power dissipation
 - Uvlo internal
 - Current protection cross
 - 3.3 and 5 V compatible logic source
 - Thermal shutdown circuits
 - Earth fault protection
 - Load short circuit load
 - Optional step five modes: full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16

Packages include:
1 x  ramps 1.4 Controller
1 x AtMega2560 CH340 board
1 x ramps LCD 12864 motherboard
6 x endstop mechanical limit switch with cables
5 x a4988 Stepper motors driver(Red/Green color will send randomly)
5 x heatsink
1 x USB cable
1units l type adapter plate
2 x FC cable

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