RAPS 128 Stepper Driver

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RAPS 128 Stepper Driver is available to buy in increments of 1
RAPS128 stepper driver. 1/128 Microstepping for 3D printer reprap 1pcs
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RADDS Power Stepper Driver with 1/128 Microstepping

Features of RAPS 128

  • THB6128 chip
  • Motor voltage 10 – 25V
  • Motor current 0 to 2.2 A adjustable via potentiometer (V-REF)
  • Motor decay adjustable via potentiometer (Decay)
  • Sleep and Boost Mode
  • Logic voltage is generated from the motor voltage
  • Up to 128 micro steps possible (recommended maximum of 32 micro steps for 8-bit electronics, such as Arduino Mega with RAMPS.)
  • Short Circuit Shutdown
  • Pre-installed heat sink
  • The size corresponds to the popular Pololu drivers and the pinout is compatible but not identical.
  • Max 1/128 micro stepping when used in combination with RADDS (or other 32-bits controllers that supports 1/128 micro stepping)
  • Can be used on RAMPS, rumba and other RepRap electronics, but 8-bit electronics usually are too slow for 1/64 and 1/128 micro stepping.

CAUTION: Inverted activation signal Enable = HIGH (at Pololu drivers enable = LOW, invert in firmware!)

Content: 1pcs RAPS 128 STEPPER DRIVER

RAPS 128 Downloads

RADDS Userguide (2.5 mb pdf)

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