Reci 100W Laser Engraver and Laser Cutter Machine 1000x600mm DSP system

Reci 100W Laser Engraver
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Reci 100W Laser Engraver and Laser Cutter Machine 1000x600mm DSP system is available to buy in increments of 1
Auto-focus 100W Laser Engraver and Laser Cutter Machine 1000x600mm DSP system
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Auto-focus 100W Laser Engraver and Laser Cutter Machine 1000x600mm DSP system with CE, FDA

Laser engraving and cutting machine system is equipped with CO2 laser tube, that can be used for marble, ceramics, glass, wood, plastic, acryl, plexi glass, crystal, leather, rubber, marble, ceramics, glass and more.

The laser cutter can be used in many industrial industries and institutions, and with double side open door, the machine can accomondate larger materials.


Auto-focus Lifting platform function

Work area is 1000 * 600 mm

Red light positioning

Blowing flame retardant 

Offline Control System

Double open door

USB Interface

Water protection system (optinal)

Support CAD

CorelDraw Output

Link for software and guides

Tecnical Specification:

Laser power


Laser type

Hermetic CO2 glass tube, the wavelength of 10.64 um

Power supply


Working area

1000 x 600mm

moving speed


Cutting speed


Positioning way

Red light positioning

Lift platform


Lift range


Laser cooling way

Pure and circulating water cooling

Locating precision


Min shaping character

Character: 2x2mm, Letter: 1x1mm

Operating temperature


Resolution ratio




Data transfer interface



KT-G460D–up&down table

System environment


Cooling way

Water Cooling and protection system

Graphic Format Supported

The Files which CorelDraw, can identify

Compatible software


Cutting thickness

0-20mm (depends on different materials)

Color separation


Sloping engraving


Cuts off the water supply the protection



Wooden crate

Package Dimension

1570×1120×790 mm

Net Weight




Packing list:

1 x 1060 100W C02 Laser engraving machine

1 x Laser engraving software (Sent to your email in the form of electronic file)

1 x User Manual (Sent to your email in the form of electronic file)


1 x Air exhaust fan

1 x Air Pump

1 x Communication cable and USB cable

1 x Rotation axis

1 x Honeycomb work platform


Applicable Materials

It is used to engrave on wood, bamboo, plexiglass, crystal, leather, rubber, marble, ceramics and

glass and 
etc., engrave Painted Metals and Anodized aluminum are also OK. Can not work on 

metal materials. 
It is most suitable and the preferred choice of equipments in industries such as 

advertisement, gifts,
shoes, toys and etc.


Multilingual interface

Sketch map of Optical system, the laser beam is from laser tube, then reflecting mirrors and focus lens, 

As following:



2017 New launch HL-1060 DSP 100W laser RDV6442 off-line with high-speed High configuration board.

The use of high-tech control system,Imported lens and reflector system. Use USB 2.0 off-line .It supports 

CAD and RDworks and CoreldRAW software ,variety of software typesetting engraving and cutting.

With lifting platform.Using professional high quality laser power supply and RECI W2 C02 laser tube.

The RDV6442 advantages of High-speed offline board configuration :

1. It supports RDworks and CoreldRAW and CAD software to engrave and cut.

2. The Engraving and cutting color separation work at the same time.

3. The different colors can be set for different engraving and cutting speeds.

4. File formats supported by RDworks software.



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