Reci W2 100W Laser Engraver and Laser Cutter Machine 1000X600mm DSP system

Reci W2 100W Laser Engraver and Laser Cutter Machine
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Auto-focus 100W Laser Engraver and Laser Cutter Machine 1000x600mm DSP system
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Reci 100W Laser Engraver and Laser Cutter Machine with CE, FDA

Reci laser engraving and cutting machine system is equipped with CO2 laser tube, that can be used for marble, ceramics, glass, wood, plastic, acryl, plexi glass, crystal, leather, rubber, marble, ceramics, glass and more.

The laser cutter can be used in many industrial industries and institutions, and with double side open door, the machine can accomondate larger materials.

The Reci 100W Features:

Lifting platform function

Work area is 1000 * 600 mm

Red light positioning

Blowing flame retardant 

Offline Control System

Double open door

USB Interface

Water protection system (optimal)

Support CAD

CorelDraw Output



1. 390MM lifting platform
Can put more thick material to work,Don't need to put the machine on a table,

More convenient for operation.

2. RDC6442 control system
RDC6442 system is the latest laser engraving & cutting control system developed by Ruida
Technology,this control system has better stable hardware with antis tatic, resistance to high
pressure.Based on 3.5-inch colorful screen human-machine operation system, with better operation
interface and stronger functions, excellent motion control functions, high-capacity file memory, with
strong compatible 2-way independent adjustable laser power control interface, strong compatible U
disk drive program, multiple ways gerneral/dedicated IO control.

3. RECI W2 laser tube,More efficient work
Beijing Reci is the largest manufacturer of high-tech CO2 laser tube in the world. W series
Co2 laser tub,leads the world.Better performance,more stability,higher efficiency.
It's service lift is 10000 hours. It has anti-fake label and the only product serial number.
4. Industrial lengthen laser head
1) Auto focus and motorised up/down worketable devices make,the laser engrave machine focusing more convenience.
2) Longer laser head, you can opened the front and rear doors of machine to accommodate larger
materials,and the use of space becomes larger.

5. X axis Linear guides
This machine X axis has upgraded to Linear Guides from Round Guides.Its stability increase,and fast
speed and positioning accuracy and Longer life.The our machine is more suitable for precision and
speed demand high for buyer.

6. This machine use CW 5000 chiller,not cw 3000 chiller or water pump.
Multiple alarm functions: compressor time-delay protection, compressor over current
protection,water flow alarm and over high / low temperature alarm;Better cooling effect,

better protection of laser tube and machine.

7. 250W Exhaust fan
This machine come with a 250W Exhaust fan,it used to exhaust air dust and smoke when laser
cutting and engraving.It is suitable for long-term engrave and cutting wood and plastic of buyer,
It will be a fine smoke exhaust effect.

8. This machine comes with 80mm rotary axis.
This Rotary Attachment is ideal for engraving cylinder items with your laser. From glasses, to mugs,
to wine bottles, to flashlights, the Rotary Attachment can quickly and easily adjust to size for a wide
variety of products.

Frequently asked questions
Q. Can the machine engraving and cutting?
A. Yes, even on the same Job, you can do setting with different colour in the software.and it can work on same time.
Q. is the machine must work with computer?
A. Must connect with computer with USB cable when you change the settings of machine. for the design files, you can transfer the file with USB memory stick to the machine, Or can download it to the machine directly with USB cable from computer.
Q. Can the machine be split so it can fit into my doors?
A. Sorry,it can't do.
Q. How long the laser tube is working well?
A. Unfortunately we cannot confirm about this, it is about 0-7200 hours.
Q. Do you avaliable spare parts?
A. we can provide all of spare parts of any model we listing.
Q. I have heard the mirrors need cleaning?
A. Yes they do but not after every job, once a week is normally enough
Q. Can I put larger materials in the machine?
A. Yes, the machine can doors which opened to accommodate larger materials
Q. How about the after sell service?
A. Free tech support for the whole life of the machine, and 24 hours telephone support.
Camera of eBay message support or other online when you need.
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