SunLu M1 Standard 3D Printing Pen for PLA/PCL Filament

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SunLu M1 Standard 3D Printing Pen for PLA/PCL Filament is available to buy in increments of 1
SunLu M1 Standard 3D Printing Pen for PLA/PCL Filament
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1. It uses two kinds of filament(PLA PCL), can easily exchange normal or low-temperature mode, get more experience
2. ultra-low temperature tip, zero-scald risk, will be more secure
3. knob front cover, easier to maintain
4. Andrews power interface can be connected to an external battery
5. Patented nozzle, no clogging
6. using PCL low-temperature filament, safety, and environmental protection
7. stylish, small and easy to show all kinds of occasions
Model Number: SUNLU M1
Net weight: about 45g
Size: about 159(L)×24(W)×42(H)mm
Color:  Red  Blue  Yellow  Black  White  
Applicable consumables: 1.75±0.02mm PLA   PCL
Recommended temperature:    PLA 170°C    PCL 55°C
Rated electrical parameters of equipment: DC5±0.25V  2A 10W
Package includes:
1 x 3D printing pen
1 x USB cable
1 x Instructions
1 x brochure
2 x PCL filament
2 x finger sets

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