ZMorph 1.75mm Extruder Nozzle 0.4mm for Dual Pro

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ZMorph 1.75mm Extruder Nozzle 0.4mm for Dual Pro
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1.75mm Extruder Nozzle 0.4mm for DualPro

1.75mm plastic extruder exchangeable nozzle

standard diameter 0.4mm.

0.4 mm nozzle, compatible with 1.75 Dual Pro extruder. Mounting and exchange instructions you can find in our Zmorph Knowledge Base – please check it out before proceeding.

Note: this nozzle requires quite a lot of experience to print. With some plastics, you might encounter clogging, make sure your plastic is clean and comes from reliable source. Best for printing PLA, but also possible with other – ABS, HIPS, PVA etc.
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